1. - Make Energy Cost Savings and Comply with S.I 426
On December 4th 2014, Statutory Instrument 426 the EU Energy Efficiency Directive was signed into Irish law. All organisations falling into the criteria specified will need to undertake a comprehensive organisation-wide energy audit. Alternatively, organisations which have achieved certification in ISO 50001 will be exempt from compliance with these energy audits.

Criteria Specified
If an organisation has 250 or more employees (on payroll), or if it has less than 250 employees but an annual turnover in excess of €50m then a SI 426 Energy Audit is required.SI 426 requires to non-SME  companies to carry out an independent High Quality Energy Audit BEFORE December 5th of 2015 (and every 4 years thereafter).​

S.I 426 is just business sense
The carrot incentive of savings and reduction in energy costs is the true driving force. The stick approach of issuing fines doesn’t really work, however, if it causes action to be taken more quickly, then it achieves the goals of Ireland’s commitment to Article 8 and helps save companies money in the process.

​Save on Your Energy Costs
In carrying out an energy audit, we first identify and evaluate all energy uses, and then make recommendations on implementing a strategic energy plan. We rate the recommendations according to investment cost and payback period. We always recommend that the first implementation of any energy management plan focuses on ‘zero investment-energy awareness’. Thereafter, many of the recommendations will pay for themselves through energy savings in short time frames.​

The audit process involves inspecting all areas of the facility identifying energy use and potential energy wastage. Every piece of equipment that consumes electricity is identified and listed. This includes production and process plant, lighting, heating, cooling, computers, office machines, vending machines, water coolers, and other energy consuming devices. As information is gathered patterns of energy use are established.The audit effectively becomes the road map to energy reduction. Depending on the facility we would agree an energy reduction target for the next three years. Our objective would be to re-audit in four years time.

However if your business is interested in achieving ISO 50001 please click here.
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