1. - Save on Your Energy Costs – ESOS The ESOS Regulations 2014 bring into force Article 8 of the EU Energy Efficiency Directive and mandate that all large businesses in the UK undertake comprehensive assessments of energy use and energy efficiency opportunities at least once every four years.
The criteria for inclusion to ESOS is not entirely straightforward, but essentially it applies to any large undertaking that carries out a trade or a business (typically a Company), and any corporate group where at least one member of the UK group meets the ESOS criteria. A large undertaking is one that employs at least 250 people or has an annual turnover in excess of €50 million and a balance sheet in excess of €43 million. Most public sector bodies are excluded, but some, such as many Universities may qualify.​

To comply with the regulations, a ‘Lead Energy Assessor’ will need to conduct an ESOS Assessment to: Measure your total energy consumption for buildings, industrial processes and transport Identify areas of significant energy consumption, accounting for at least 90% of your total energy consumption Identify cost-effective energy efficiency recommendations for areas of significant energy consumption Report compliance to the Environment Agency Organisations may not need to undertake the Assessment if are fully covered by ISO 50001. We are also working with organisations to help them achieve ISO 50001. Call our advisors on 00353 (0)71 9611722 to find out more about these services.

​How We Can Help You Organisation with ESOS
The qualification criteria and requirements of ESOS are complex and many organisations will need to take substantive steps in order to comply. We offer a modular set of ESOS services to help companies achieve compliance in a cost effective manner, whilst at the same time highlighting the options for reducing energy consumption and maximising the associated business benefits. With qualified Lead Energy Assessors available to review and guide the approach, our ESOS services can provide support right the way through to full ESOS Compliance and are based on a modular approach that allows services to be selected depending on your individual circumstances: Delivery of organisational footprint: Template to facilitate compliance footprint Analysis of current footprint with energy and carbon hot-spotting advice.

Detailed ESOS audit strategy: audit methodology, assessor strategy, data readiness, specification of compliance plan and detailed budget. Full ESOS compliance audit by qualified Lead Energy Assessor.
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