1. With increasing concern to reduce greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions, GHG inventory of an organization becomes one of the most important aspects of sustainable business development. In order to quantify GHG inventory in organizational level, international standard ISO 14064-1 defines the specific criteria and principles to unify the inventory system used by organisations.
Global Green experienced engineers can help you to establish your own GHG inventory by providing competency training, data collection & calculation technical support, onsite assessment as well as internal audit support for third-party verification. ​We also provide flexible solutions to cater any special requests.​

10 real benefits of implementing ISO Management System;
ISO standards help you improve the quality of your goods and services
- ISO standards help you drive growth, cut costs and increase profits
- ISO standards give your business a competitive edge
- ISO standards open up export markets for your goods and Services
- ISO standards open doors to new customers and strengthen your existing business
- ISO standards help you compete with bigger enterprises
- ISO standards enhance your credibility and secure customer Confidence
- ISO standards sharpen your business processes and increase efficiency
- ISO standards strengthen your marketing pitchISO standards help you comply with regulation

Improve Business Performance
Your business can also become accredited for the management of its carbon. Accreditation’s are based on the Kyoto Protocol but come in many, many different forms. The choice and the differences among them can become bewildering to business.​ For instance there are different standards on carbon labelling, Carbon Trust Standards, CarboNZero programme, CEMARS, Planet Positive and more. We make sure that any accreditation is simple to follow and strikes the right cord with the organisation’s you want to attract business from.

Essentially, each accreditation should measure, reduce, invest and communicate green credentials to others. ​We undertake Life Cycle Assessment (LCA) which is consistent with ISO 14044 as well as reporting to PAS 2050:2011 – Specification for the assessment of the life cycle greenhouse gas emissions of goods and services.

We can assist your businesses with designing and implementing; ISO 14064.
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